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Pretoria, Gauteng




The debut issue of Succeed Business Magazine, South Africa’s first digital magazine, will be released on 1 April 2017 ... so be sure to mark your calendar.. As a subscriber, you also gain access to another exciting South African first, The Extreme Business Makeover Challenge, a competition that promises to literally change the way you do business

Inside each edition of Succeed Magazine, various master coaches will provide you with step-by-step lessons to follow throughout the month. Succeed is more than simply a magazine, it is a training and coaching manual. Topics that will be covered include sales coaching, financial planning, marketing, personal branding, Human Resources, legal and leadership

You owe it to yourself to discover your vision and mission in your business, and to equip yourself with the tools necessary to overcome any obstacles that happen to be blocking the path between you and your goals.

Up and above our Business Coaching, Succeed Business Magazine will give you access to New Business Ideas and Franchise Opportunities. Resources, tips and tools to raise funding for your business.