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Thermguard Roof Insulation. The most cost effective way to save on both heating and cooling expenses and reduce your bills. Enjoy Lifelong energy savings with year round comfort

We specialize in the installation of Thermguard, the most effective bulk insulation available on the South African market.
With the ever increasing cost of electricity, as well as the load shedding experienced in recent years, an energy efficient home has become one of the primary desires of South African homeowners. Not only does a well insulated home save you money by reducing electricity bills, it keeps you comfortable and healthy improving your lifestyle.

In Winter, Thermguard will keep your home warm by retaining any heat generated inside the living space, thus reducing your energy costs and improving your comfort.

One of the main advantages of Thermguard is that it is a fibrous material and is able to fill all the nooks and crannies of your ceiling space, ensuring a 100% seamless cover where no unwanted heat gains or losses can occur. This alone ensures Thermguard is at least 20% more effective than roll board type bulk insulation products.

Other properties of Thermguard include the following:

Fire Retardant
Insect and Rodent Repellent
Sound Absorption Properties
100% Seamless Cover
Non Allergenic, Irritant or Toxic
SABS Approved
85% recycled
Environmentally Friendly
100% organic & Biodegradable
Affordable and Safe

Tried, Tested and still the most effective. Our business has been installing Thermguard for the past 16 years.