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Klerksdorp, North West



The company that matches individuals and organisations to appropriate training.

We realize you don’t always have the time to research the market for credible, experience training providers with the appropriate training for you and that will add the value that you require.

This means that sometimes training takes a back seat in priority and the employee’s needs are either not satisfied or inefficient training is conducted.

Either of these actions can result in a decrease in productivity and profitability.

B.A.S Consultants focuses on the individualized training needs of our clients. We aim to deliver a comprehensive service to our clients in the field of training. We assist our clients to fulfill their training needs by ensuring a cost effective training solution. B.A.S Consultants provides research, evaluation and advice.


We take the needs of our clients into consideration for the best possible fit for their needs.

Our client base is drawn from mining, construction .private as well as corporate Institutions

018 473 5635

082 306 2862 / 082 569 5459


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